2015 Team

Top Left-Right:

Norman 5B4AIE, Andrei R4FO, Vlad RW9QA, Alan 5B4AHJ, Philip 5B4ZN, Stavros 5B4AFM, Harry RA3AUU, Marios 5B4WN

Bottom Left-Right:

Andreas 5B8AP, Paris 5B4XF, Bob 5B4AGN, Anton 5B4ALB, Igor UA4FER, Alex RW4WR, Nestor 5B4AHZ

C4HQ ops not in picture:

George 5B4KH, Spyros 5B4MF, Jack 5B4AII, Andy LZ2HM, Vesco 5B4AIV

10m 5B4XF / H2T 5B4AII / P3N
15m 5B4AKR / C4A 5B4AHS / P33W
20m 5B4AHS / P33W 5B4AII / P3N
40m 5B4AHS / P33W 5B4AGN / P3F
80m 5B4AKR / C4A 5B4AII / P3N
160m 5B4AKR / C4A 5B4AHS / P33W
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